Ginger 62

Ginger is an elegant yet hip space, providing two beautiful bars, one wide-open, 50 feet in length, and a more private, snuggle together, back bar. Along with lounge inducing sofas, a dedicated table service room that is simply red, and a hands in the air, booty-shaking dance-floor, we’ve got you draped and covered. Spin the record and stick the cultural needle in it. Ginger has always had an eye, well actually an ear, for music. Your evenings can be negotiated just a little easier with our soundtrack of live music sessions meeting a late night DJ agenda filled with furniture dancing deep vibes. And about that eye… Keep looking. Performances and art encounter a deep appreciation and playful intersection of Vancouver’s culture.
Ginger 62, 1219 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1M6, Kanada

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