Maria Loca


Basically our philosophy at Maria Loca is to provide a best experience in terms of service, ambiance (music, lightning, venue, events), quality of what we serve (cocktails, good wines from everywhere not only french, and fresh food) but also to make our people travel via our experience around the world, our creativity inside the glass and our love and passion about what we do since more than 10 years and all of that in a really relaxed way. I don’t want people that coming at my place at night rush me or my staff, we welcoming them always with the smile and a nice glass of water to relax them and take their time. In the cities like Paris everyone already rush all day long, so i explain to them that when they re coming “A la Maison”, “a la Casa” they must take their time to enjoy the Experience!

The Main point inside Maria Loca is SHARING and DISCOVERING! I want my people to be curious and open about things and to share their experience between them and with us and i don’t be a traditional parisian bar where no one talking to nobody! If you going out is to change your routine otherwise there is no point to move your ass that in front of the computer or TV. Thats my opinion.
Many time people finish their night at Maria Loca coz they felt so good that they forget the time and that’s really positive for us.

About the sugar cane, cachaca and rum! Why did we go in that direction? Firstable is because im a cachaca and rum lover since long time. Secondable and thirdable is because i lived in a different period of my life in Brasil and i always wanted to share my experience and show to the french people that cachaca is not a product only made for Caipirinha and rum is not only rum agricole. Thats why Maria Loca born. Ah yeah by the way Maria Loca come from a spirit distilled in Brazilian Prison named Maria Louca, but Louca doesn’t sound good in french Loca sounds better. About my cocktail list, i keep the same direction, stay SIMPLE but CREATIVE. I’m using fruits, spices, spirits and liqueurs thats people doesn’ t know, to make them learn new things the day they come. My menu is short to don’t bored people and if they have a request we work with them on something tailor-made! Ok Last thing to don’t forget about Maria Loca, we are not only a Cachacaria, cocktail and wine bar but we are also a Bistrot/ Cantine at the lunch time from monday to friday so it will explain a lot about the choices of the furnitures.


Maria Loca, 31 Bd Henri IV, 75004 Paris, France



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